Pre procedure Instructions

  • It is best to come in with clean hair and scalp
  • Avoid taking NSAIDS for 3 days prior to the procedure (Motrin, Alleve, Aspirin). Tylenol is safe to take.
  • Please plan how you plan to wear your hair after the procedure
  • We will recommend that you not wash your hair for 3 days post procedure
  • Plan on not being able to wear any tightly fitting caps or hats for the next few days

Post procedure Instructions

  • Do not wash your hair or use direct shower pressure to scalp for 72 hours
  • After 72 hours, you may gently wash your hair. Do not massage your scalp vigorously or allow direct shower pressure for 72 hours.
  • Avoid taking NSAIDS for 5 days after the procedure. Tylenol is safe to take.
  • Do not swim or undertake any strenuous exercise for 3 days
  • Do not expose yourself to long periods of the sun
  • Do not sit in a sauna, hot tub or Jacuzzi for 3 days
  • Do not do anything that causes excessive sweating
  • Plan long term on not wearing any hair styles to put traction on the scalp or hair. It is best not to wear braids, cornrows, weaves or tight wigs
  • Do not wear any tightly fitting caps or hats for the next few days

Potential side effects

In some very rare cases, slight side effects may occur. Redness, local swelling, edema and local pain may occur. These side effects should not last more than a few hours or days. There may be pinpoint tenderness at the sites where the injections were made for the nerve block and to place the PRP. If there is a need to take a pain medication, you can take regular Tylenol.

In the case of local infections, antibiotics may be prescribed. We have not had any patients have an issue with infection but it is a possible complication.